Thursday, March 29, 2012

Paul Ryan: Doubling Student Loan Interest Rates

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Paul Ryan: Doubling Student Loan Interest Rates

Correction on this photo. He used Social Security benefits to pay for college. My bad.
Paul Ryan has credited novelist-philosopher Ayn Rand as the reason he got into public service.

Mike Wallace: “You are out to destroy almost every edifice of the contemporary American way of life, our Judeo-Christian religion, our modified government regulated capitalism, our rule by majority will. Other reviews have said you scorn churches and the concept of God. Are these accurate criticisms?”
Ayn Rand: “Yes” -Video

Paul Ryan comments on his love of Ayn Rand -Video

The 400 Richest Americans Are Now Richer Than the Bottom 50 Percent Combined. Yes, 400 people have more money than 155 million Americans combined.
.0000035% of the population have more money than 155 million Americans combined.

 400 Americans have more wealth than half of all Americans combined

The Richest 1% Have Captured America's Wealth -- What's It Going to Take to Get It Back? -Read more  

The 400 richest Americans used to pay  30% of their income on the average to Uncle Sam. Today, they pay 18% on the average. The main reason for the drop in their tax rate of some 40% is the tax cuts by George Bush and 100% republican control in 2003, taking the rate paid on dividends and capital gains down to 15%. Mitt Romney pays 13%.
Shockingly, the plan to raise the debt ceiling or lower it collects nothing from the wealthiest Americans to reduce our budget deficit. The Republican right wing holds the Obama White House hostage. It’s a sad day for the principle of sharing the pain equitably. Republicans only demand we take more from the needy, the elderly, schools, fire fighters, teachers, lay off public employees…
This mess would not be nearly as bad had we had all those taxes coming in over the last 10 years.

He's proposed cutting Medicare now for our elderly American citizens. Most of whom have paid into the system for most of their lives. Why? So he and his republican band of traitors can protect the Bush tax cuts for the top few percent. 

Pell Grants For Poor Students Lose $200 Billion In Ryan Budget
More than 1 million students would lose Pell grants entirely over the next 10 years under Rep. Paul Ryan's budget, according to an analysis that the national reform organization Education Trust provided to -The Huffington Post.

Republican Budget Chairman Paul Ryan Spoke At The Koch Brothers Super-Secret Billionaires'  Strategy Meeting  -Think Progress 

Ayn Rand Quotes:
Ayn Rand: “[Faith] is a sign of a psychological weakness . . . I regard it as evil...
Ayn Rand: I am against God.
Ayn Rand: I don't approve of religion...
Ayn Rand: “Each man must live as an end in himself and follow his own rational self-interest.”  

Paul Ryan: “I give out Atlas Shrugged as Christmas presents, and I make all my interns read it.” He posted two videos on his Facebook page praising Rand.
Ayn Rand Mike Wallace Interview 1959 -Video
Now remember, this is the lady that Paul Ryan said made him get into politics. She is also a Tea Party favorite with her book Atlas Shrugged. 
Senator Rand Paul – “I am a fan of Ayn Rand and I’ve read all her novels.”
Rush Limbaugh – “The brilliant writer and novelist, Ayn Rand, has written about this. Let me give you a couple quotes from Ayn Rand on this.”
Justice Clarence Thomas – “”I tend really be partial to Ayn Rand, and to The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged.”

Ryan's father died when Paul was only 16. Using the Social Security survivors benefits he received until his 18th birthday, he paid for his education at Miami University in Ohio, where he completed a bachelor's degree in economics and political science in 1992.
So using social safety nets is okay for him but not for others? 
Paul Ryan: U.S. Republican Representative  - Wisconsin
Paul Ryan Refuses Bible from Faithful America -Video 
After speaking at the 2011 Faith and Freedom Conference, Paul Ryan refuses to answer why he based his budget on the extreme ideology of Ayn Rand and not Biblical principles of economic justice then runs away from the Bible offered to him by the 7000 members of Faithful America who signed a petition asking the same question.

Vote these people out FFS! 

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