Monday, August 15, 2011

United States debt over the last decade

When democratic president Bill Clinton left office. 
The United States was on track to pay off our debt and have a 2.3 Trillion Dollar Surplus by 2011.
What happened you ask? Six years of 100% republican control.

George W. Bush with the senate and the congress controlled by a republican super majority. Handed out almost 3 trillion dollars in tax refunds that our country did not even have the money to pay for. Almost all of it went to the top few percent. This is also exactly when borrowing from China started going nuts. The republicans had to pay for their tax gifts to the rich somehow.

Now after all these years of lost income and the fact that offhoring and outsourcing for some magical reason started to boom in 2002 sending millions of jobs overseas so the rich could get richer and the American middle class could go suck a fat one. We are broke beyond belief.

Please blame the right people when you talk about who has sold the American people and the American Dream out. It was and still is the republicans. And that is a fact Jack!
Don't make the same mistake again America.

Robin Williams:  Reality...What A Concept (1979)